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Do you have the problem of missing teeth? Zinc Plant


Resolve your problems without trauma in just one visit…

The Degidi Clinic has an internationally recognized leader in implantology, both in clinical practice and scientific research & the application of new techniques and technology.

If you have lost one or more teeth or a complete arch, dental implants are the best solution. They offer many benefits, restoring:

  • normal chewing function
  • normal speech
  • original aesthetic appearance

Our implants are constructed from titanium so as to guarantee maximum durability and biocompatibility. They substitute the function of the roots of natural teeth. The implants are used to support a restoration that substitutes missing teeth.

Worry free: Implant surgery is no longer traumatic and post-operative healing involves no or minimal swelling, bruising and pain.

The Degidi Dental Clinic can place immediately loaded implants, resolving your problems in a single visit.

This is also possible when there is absence of bone: we use a minimally invasive approach that has been refined over the many years in which we have treated thousands of patients. This unique clinical experience has allowed us to develop innovative techniques such as zygomatic implantology, which avoids the need for bone grafting, with many advantages for patient quality of life.

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