Bone-less dental implantation, is that possible?

For those who have lost one or more teeth or a complete arch, a dental implant is certainly the best solution to return to smiling, eating and talking naturally. 

At any age, tooth loss can be a disabling event: it changes one's perception of oneself; it can lead to isolation and the renunciation of one's social life.

In addition to aesthetics, the functional aspect also has a strong impact on the quality of life: it damages digestion due to impaired chewing, but also posture, for which a "healthy" mouth plays a fundamental role. 

Is it possible to return to having fixed teeth with little or no bone?

The competence and great experience of our team, given by the study of thousands of clinical cases that we have treated, has allowed us to develop innovative techniques and alternatives to bone grafting, with great advantage for the quality of life of our patients.Unfortunately, at the Degidi clinic, we saw too many people coming to us after having undergone wrong, superfluous, obsolete and expensive treatments. 

We know that it is easy for a patient to demoralize because he is convinced that he can no longer have fixed teeth. But the good news is that the loss of teeth can be addressed and resolved even in the most complex cases, that it is possible to return to having fixed teeth, even with little bone. 

The lack of bone occurs as a result of reabsorption, caused in most cases by infections in the teeth or gums, such as abscesses or periodontitis, or as a result of previous tooth extractions. 

In these complex cases, the zygomatic implant is the best that dental implantology can offer.