Immediate loading implant: how to find a smile in a day

When you think about implantology, you often imagine complex, expensive and painful operations.

Immediate loading implantology is a technique that has marked a real revolution in the field of dental procedures, and is now increasingly practiced because it offers significant advantages to patients who lack one or more teeth.

What many patients do not know is that in reality, thanks to this technique, it is almost always possible to replace compromised teeth in a single session with immediate implants and prostheses, being able to smile, talk and chew again.?

You read it right: in a single session.

How does the immediate loading implant work?

Immediate load dental implantology is a special implant technique that allows you to place titanium dental implants even on people without teeth, on which you can fix the temporary crowns or the final denture, in less than 24 hours.

The speed of the procedure is only one of the advantages that make immediate loading prostheses one of the most advanced dental solutions.

The immediate loading guarantees an immediate aesthetic result and the recovery of all functions, with the advantage of solving the problem in a single session, with short recovery times and rationalized costs.

The secret of implant prostheses with immediate loading is in titanium, which has been used for some years for the construction of dental implants: thanks to the use of this element, safe, biocompatible and osseointegrated, the risk of rejection is greatly reduced and the creation of a single body with the surrounding tissues is favoured.

Our medical team, made up of surgeons and dentists of great experience, internationally recognized, has been practicing this operation in a safe and non-invasive way for over twenty years.

What is the procedure for an immediate loading implant?

Professor Degidi’s teams of experts guarantee a quick, safe and non-invasive approach to getting back to smiling: this is the procedure we follow in the case of an immediate-loaded implant.  

  1. During the first session, the patient is carefully examined, also with the support of the new generation of image diagnostics. During the same session, the impressions of the teeth are taken in order to make the prostheses
  2. The procedure is planned in detail so that you can return home with a new smile on the day you choose to apply the implant.
  3. On the fixed day, the patient is first sedated to ensure a totally painless operation, and then proceed with the application of dental implants inside the maxillary or mandibular bone. 
  4. Then the abutments are applied and then the ceramic prostheses are placed on them, made of a very resistant material that allows the same use as that of natural teeth.
  5. The patient will not experience any pain or discomfort during the operation or even in the post-operative period.

Sometimes finding a smile is easier than it seems. Contact us: we will be happy to offer you an effective and definitive solution to the problem of missing teeth.