Risk-free dental implantology, what are the 5 most common fears?

Risk-free dental implantology, what are the 5 most common fears?

After many years of experience we know our patients and their fears. Pain, fear of rejection, recovery times: these are some of the most common fears of those who have to undergo dental implantology surgery.

We know that it is understandable to worry before an operation and for this reason it is our concern on one hand to clarify the real risks associated with this type of operation, and on the other hand to reassure you.

For this reason, we have decided to explore together the 5 most common fears related to the risks of a dental implant:

1) Pain
2) Recovery times
3) The rejection of the plant
4) The screw broken or loosened
5) The cost

After more than twenty years of activity and experience, the numerous awards obtained by Professor Degidi and the satisfaction of our patients confirm to us every day that quality, competence and experience make the difference between a failed treatment and a successful one.

  1. Pain
    Implantology is no longer a traumatic operation: the post-operative course can take place in the complete absence of swelling, bruising and pain. Relying on experienced implantologists who operate under optimal conditions reduces the risk of implant failure, avoiding post-operative pain and reducing recovery times for the patient.

    The pre-operative phase is decisive to avoid possible post-operative complications: it is the moment when the medical team carries out the diagnostic examination and plans the intervention. A correct evaluation and a careful study of the patient's clinical situation allow to plan a post-operative course without pain or unexpected events. Our solutions are definitive, designed to allow rapid recovery, following the Minor Invasiveness Protocol.

  2. Recovery times
    The stabilization of a dental implant requires a course of about 3 months, during which it is important to observe some simple measures for a good post-operative course, such as prefer soft foods and maintain a good state of health and hygiene of our mouth.

    Recovery times obviously depend on the approach of the medical team, which must propose definitive solutions but designed to allow rapid recovery. Our dental office in Bologna is constantly on the lookout for the most effective and least invasive solutions, also through innovative solutions: we use intervention methods and cutting-edge technological equipment.

    Before proceeding with the insertion of an implant, the modus operandi that we adopt at the Degidi Office includes a careful analysis of the patient's health, his mouth and his clinical history, to properly assess how to proceed.

  3. Rejection
    We speak of rejection when our body rejects an element it considers foreign and harmful, activating the immune system and trying to attack and reject it.

    The materials used in the construction of the implants, such as Titanium of the endosseous screws, are made to be perfectly biocompatible. These particular characteristics minimize the probability of rejection and instead promote the processes of osseointegration.

    The cause of rejection can be mechanical: excessive stress caused by chewing and pressure of the prosthesis, micro movements of the prosthesis before the mechanics of the implants have stabilized.

    The rejection of the dental implant by the body is now a remote possibility: titanium, in fact, is a material that has demonstrated excellent biocompatibility and there are very rare cases in which it does not integrate with the bone.

    In any case, if the dental implant is not integrated into the bone and is rejected, it is removed and after a healing period a new implant is placed.

  4. The screw broken or loosened
    When it comes to the durability of dental implants, a distinction must be made between the times for the prosthesis and those for the titanium screw. The duration of a dental prosthesis depends on the resistance of the materials used, the correctness of the oral hygiene operations and the respect of the periodicity of the check-ups.

    As a rule, the life of the screw should not be a cause for concern. The guarantee offered by Dr. Degidi's team is to offer you the best implants for strength and biocompatibility.

  5. The cost
    If you want to use dental implants, you should contact specialised centres, as the choice of poor materials or incorrect dental implants can significantly shorten the life of the implanted tooth or even cause damage to the bone.
    Our dental office in Bologna is able to offer you the most effective, least invasive and, above all, definitive solution for you, thanks to advanced and patented equipment and technologies, which allow us to optimize time and costs.